Checking Classroom Schedules and Availability

Anyone with a valid UConn NetID can look up the schedule for classrooms at UConn via Ad Astra by following the steps below. Please note that Ad Astra only includes complete class and event information for the centrally controlled classrooms scheduled by the Registrar's Office (a list of these classrooms is available at

To get started, go to and log in with your UConn NetID and password.

Step 1: Select ‘Scheduling Grid’

Scheduling Grid

Under the Calendars menu, select "Scheduling Grids"

Step 2: Location filter options


Under the Location Filters, select the Campus, Building(s), and Room(s) you need the schedule for. You can also filter by Capacity.

Step 3: Exclude events or academics (optional)

Exclude events or academics.

By default, the search will include events and academics. You can uncheck "Include Events" or "Include Academics" to exclude either, but we recommend leaving these options checked when looking for a room's availability or schedule.