Classroom usage and reservations

Classrooms are reserved exclusively for instructors for classes, review sessions, seminars, exams, and other academic purposes. Instructors can check availability and make a reservation by contacting the Registrar’s classroom scheduling number, 860-486-3329 or via email.

Student organizations must make all reservations by contacting the staff of the Student Union Event Services Office: 860-486-3421.

Outside organizations should contact University Events and Conference Services: 860-486-1001. Visit for more information and an inquiry form that may be completed to describe specific needs.

ADA Accommodations

To request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), in regards to specific classroom needs, University employees are encouraged to contact Ryan Bangham, ADA Accommodations Case Manager, Human Resources. To reserve a classroom on one of the Regional Campuses, please contact the appropriate campus.