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01/24/20 UPDATE: Exams held outside of class times

Due to a recent by-law update, the process for approving exams held outside of normal class meetings has changed. Contact your dean’s office for information about the approval process. For help using our form to add the approved exam information to the schedule of classes, refer to our step-by-step guide.

Our Schedule Change Request Forms are now live and may be used for requesting changes to the schedule of classes. For more information about using the forms, see below or contact

Form Links

Schedule Change Request Form

Use this form to add, revise, or cancel a class section. You can make changes to all aspects of a class, including reserve caps, combined sections, and instructor changes. However, if you’re only looking to make a simple revision, you only need to specify your changes; you won’t need to fill out every field on the form.

Instructor Form

Use this form to add, delete, or update instructors for multiple courses with one submission.

View Your Requests

Use this link to view the status and other details of all your requests.

All Feedback Appreciated!

These forms are a work in progress and they’re designed to make things easier for the scheduling community at UConn. If you have any questions or comments that can help us improve upon them, please contact us.