Spring 2023 Schedule


We try to finalize classroom assignments early so that we can notify departments if there is no room for their classes as soon as possible. The deadlines for Spring 2023 are as follows:

  • Large classes (75+ seats): Monday, Aug. 1, 2022
  • All other classes that require centrally controlled classrooms: Friday, Sept. 16, 2022

These deadlines apply to all details relevant to classroom assignment, specifically meeting days and times, and enrollment caps; other details can be submitted later. There is a caveat however: if the instructor of a class teaches back-to-back classes, you'll want to finalize that instructor information as soon as possible so we can take this factor into account.

What happens if you miss these deadlines?

If you miss these deadlines, it doesn't mean that you can't have a classroom, but it DOES mean that classes that were submitted on time will be processed first, increasing the chance that we will be out of space by the time we get to your class. This will also be true if you make a time or cap change after a classroom has been assigned; there is simply no way we can make 3,000+ classroom assignments if the details keep changing.

What about classroom technology?

Academic IT has worked hard to standardize the instructional technology across all centrally scheduled classrooms. Those old categories – Tech Ready, Digital Hi-Tech, etc. – no longer apply; all classrooms we assign have the technology instructors need.

This is also true of video conferencing; all the classrooms allow instructors to utilize WebEx or Teams or Zoom via either their own devices or the PCs in the classrooms.

A note about Standard Meeting Pattern

As always, we ask that departments please adhere to the university's Standard Meeting Pattern (SMP) whenever possible because these allow us to assign classrooms more efficiently. You may schedule a class at a non-standard time, but please be aware that we must prioritize all SMP-compliant classes, so if the non-standard class requires a central classroom, we will not attempt to assign one until we've found rooms for all SMP-compliant classes.

All other schedule changes: No deadline, but don’t wait until the last minute!

All other changes outside classroom assignments will be processed in the order they are received. We strongly encourage departments to submit their requests as early as possible. In the weeks leading up to the opening of registration, we typically receive more than 100 schedule change requests per day in addition to dozens of emails and phone calls. As such, we cannot guarantee that any request submitted after October 7 will be processed by the opening of fall registration.

Whatever happened to that new scheduling software you’ve been talking about for years?

The exciting news is that we're almost ready to begin implementation of our new scheduling software! The contracts for both vendors are currently being reviewed by the state and we are on track to start the implementation around the start of the new year. If all goes according to plan, we can begin using the new system as early as mid to late-summer 2022. We’ll share more details when we are able.


Where can I find my department’s Spring 2023 schedule data?

Please see the Class Schedule Snapshots page for the entire Spring 2023 schedule in Excel format. The report is refreshed daily so it's an excellent way to track changes to your schedule.