Storrs Campus Areas

Map of Storrs academic areas
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In an effort to better meet faculty preferences when assigning classrooms, the Office of the Registrar has defined several different areas on the Storrs campus. Departments often prefer one or more particular buildings on campus but, because the centrally scheduled classrooms in those buildings may not be available for a particular class, we strongly encourage departments to identify a campus area they prefer as a backup when their preferred buildings are not an option.

The buildings in the table below are those that house one or more centrally scheduled classrooms; for a full list of buildings by area, please download Storrs Buildings by Academic Areas.

Storrs Buildings By Area

Area Area Name Building Name Bldg
1 Campus Core South Arjona Building ARJ
1 Campus Core South Bousfield Psychology Building BOUS
1 Campus Core South School of Business BUSN
1 Campus Core South Family Studies Building FSB
1 Campus Core South Hawley Armory HAWL
1 Campus Core South Information Technologies Engineering Building ITE
1 Campus Core South Monteith Building MONT
1 Campus Core South Oak Hall OAK
1 Campus Core South Schenker Lecture Hall SCHN
2 Campus Core North Austin Building AUST
2 Campus Core North Beach Hall BCH
2 Campus Core North Gentry Building GENT
2 Campus Core North Hall Building HALL
2 Campus Core North Koons Hall KNS
2 Campus Core North McHugh Hall MCHU
2 Campus Core North Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education ROWE
2 Campus Core North Storrs Hall STRS
2 Campus Core North Wood Hall WOOD
3 Science Buildings Atwater Laboratory ATWR
3 Science Buildings Biology/Physics Building BPB
3 Science Buildings Bronwell Building BRON
3 Science Buildings Castleman Building CAST
3 Science Buildings Chemistry Building CHM
3 Science Buildings Engineering II E2
3 Science Buildings Engineering and Science Building ESB
3 Science Buildings Gant North Building GN
3 Science Buildings Gant West Building GW
3 Science Buildings Pharmacy/Biology Building PBB
3 Science Buildings Torrey Life Sciences Building TLS
3 Science Buildings United Technologies Engineering Building UTEB
4 CAHNR Floriculture Greenhouse FG
4 CAHNR Jones Building JONS
4 CAHNR Lafayette Hall LAFA
4 CAHNR Ratcliffe Hicks Building and Arena RHBA
4 CAHNR White Building WITE
4 CAHNR Young Building YNG
5 South Campus Art Building ARTB
5 South Campus Bishop Center BISH
5 South Campus Drama-Music Building DRMU
5 South Campus Wilson Hall WSRH
6 Horsebarn Hill Kinesiology Building KB